Saturday, January 26, 2008

Library Thing!

Have you ever heard of This might be a librarian thing, but you can catalog your books. Okay, that definitely sounds librarian nerdy-ish, but I'm not talking about assigning Dewey. This helps you keep track of your books. If you're into books, this is a cool thing. No more forgetting what you own. You can list everything as you buy it. OR you can add books you don't own but want to read... so it functions as a reading wish list of sorts. OR a combination. Whatever works for you. OR you can use it for readers' advisory, which is why I'm sharing this information here (I know you were starting to wonder).

I have two accounts: a children's book list (picture books, chapter books and young adult books)- and regular adult books (fiction and non-fiction)- So if you're curious to find which books I love so much that I've bought... read reviews if I've had time to add them... check them out.

For those of you looking to use LibraryThing yourself, some cool selling features include the ability to tag (add keywords to) your books and see tag clouds (what type of books are represented most heavily in your library), see who else has them, join groups, see "special sauce recommendations", and much more. It's kind of fun to play around.

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