Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crawling Out of My Summer Hole

Okay, I have to bite the bullet and just write, even though I'm not going to get everything in that I'd like to! It was a crazy summer... my first doing the Summer Reading Club programming on my own, not as the assistant. The summer is the busiest time for a public library children's program, so basically, everything else gets neglected! ;) Yeah, non-stop. But good :) It's just that Miss Erin was busy at work and busy outside of work, so there wasn't much time to write. And here's a little insight into my personality, but I'm definitely one of those "there's so much I want to write, could write, and where do I begin to write... that it's easier to just keep putting off. So yes, this post doesn't serve much point! But I will say that I'm going to get back into it!

A little teaser of what's ahead: reviews on the (in)famous Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, Traction Man Was Here and its sequel Tractioin Man Meets Turbo Dog; maybe some information on my "special intestests": keeping boys reading and emergent literacy; and finally, some of the really cool things God has been teaching me the past few months. So check back soon! (I promise!)

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