Thursday, July 23, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure

The power of choice. How often do we take that for granted?

As Mo Willems said on his blog, it's "summer hours"... which means I don't usually have much time to write with how crazy living life is, but I emerge from insanity because of something that God's been showing me repeatedly this week. I have the power to choose.

Yes, people are inconsiderate and often lack common courtesy. Situations are so chaotic you think someone was dispensing free crazy pills. You struggle through something. You just experience life and life is not easy. (Thankfully though, a lot of times it's amazing!) But in the midst of living, think of this quote I read.

You might not be able to control the first thought that pops into your head, but you can control your second and third.

I saw that in action this week through the famous saluting construction worker with his skeleton sidekick, making the most out of their stretch of roadwork near the intersection of Brookside and Lower Macungie Rd. Directing traffic in a construction area could be boring. It could get motorists... someone perturbed. But how could you not smile in response to this guy? He's choosing a different response from the norm.

And I want to, too.

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Raising Saints said...

That guy makes me laugh out loud everytime I see him! And I noticed a lot of other drivers smiling and waving at him as they passed. He saluted me a few days ago, hehe.

We miss you Miss Erin!