Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things with Wheels

When it comes to purchasing books for boys, I will buy anything Thomas... as in the Tank Engine. I can't keep the books (or videos) on the shelves. The hardest thing a week ago was seeing one of my two year olds heartbroken face when, after 10 minutes of searching the different possible locations, we didn't find a single Thomas book in the place. Thomas had left the building. In large part due to Thomas, I can safely say out of all the "things that move", trains are the most popular. In general...not to stereotype, I know my boys... they like dinosaurs, gross things and things that move. I'll never forget when I got schooled on backhoes by a three year old! Boys also tend toward non-fiction. I could go on and on (trust me!) on the differences between boys and girls when it comes to reading.

So in honor of the boys, I wanted to share a great collection of books by Sarah Bridges. It's the Working Wheels series, and includes titles like I Drive a Train, I Drive a Semitruck, I Drive a Crain, I Drive a Street Sweeper, I Drive a Garbage Truck, and I Drive a Snow Plow, just to name a few. I got one or two to test them out on one of my more discriminating three year olds... the one who schooled me on backhoes. He started with I Drive a Backhoe. Not only did I get a thumbs up from him, but his mom, despite the fact that she ended up reading each book multiple times a day. Great for 3 years to young elementary school age, depending on interests and reading level.

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James said...

It seems that Thomas is declining in popularity, he is not on TV as much, there is not as much Thomas stuff in the stores, but the kids still love it. Here is a site that carries everything Thomas the Tank Engin you can think of, even Thomas the Tank Engine Books. Board Books, Paper Back, you name it.