Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Are You Broadcasting?

A idea has been repeating in my head over and over the past few weeks... God doesn't promise "easy"; He promises good. That's tough. I'm kind of conflicted. I'm not going to lie; I'd love if I got some of the things I've been wanting, when I want them, but that wouldn't be best. Because God is Father... that means He loves us, He disciplines us, but the image that He's been showing to me recently is that this means he is guiding me. He knows what's best for me and in what time. I can't get everything I want, when I want it. In fact, going back to the whole "easy" vs. good thing, I shouldn't. I think I've mentioned it before (and I doubt I'm alone on this) but my personal reaction to "easy"... when things are all going according to my wants... is to become complacent. No. I don't want that. It's a struggle between wanting my comfort zone and wanting to step out of it... wanting to turn my back on that safety so I rely more on God.

In Bible study, we finished a video of Louie Giglio (Passion Conferences). It is called "Hope", but ironically, he starts out seeming to offer very little. I family torn apart by a college student's tragic early death. But this one girl... this young girl... who didn't know God and, in her own words, "wasn't truly alive" until the final four months of her life has reached thousands. Her family isn't the same, her friends and the people who've apparently been watching her story online. Her atheist father recognized the change in her life that words and preaching couldn't. That's not to say we don't use words! But Louie's point at the end was that we will face struggle... but take heart, Christ has already overcome the world! (John 16:33) Our hope is in the cross. So prepare yourself for it, because it will come, and then when it does, use it. Grow from it. He pointed to this girl's story and others', and how they pointed to God in the midst of it. How they found joy and peace... only through Christ. Our struggles are real. They are raw. And I've learned that just because I finally get what I think God's trying to teach me, that doesn't mean *poof* He takes away the "problem". That might not be all He's got planned to use this situation for in my life or someone else's. I'm thinking of things that I have wrestled with God over... questions I've asked of Him... for years. But I've learned a lot, and I've been able to share with others. They can be used by God (if we allow ourselves to be used) to point to Him. Our struggles are a megaphone. Our stories are a megaphone. What are you broadcasting?

On a book note, I'm counting down the days (less than two!!!) until Mo Willems' new pigeon book is released! You can bet I'll be reviewing the as-yet unannounced title in the next few days! And I get to meet the author himself in just over 2 weeks!! :)

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