Tuesday, April 1, 2008

He's Baaaaaack!!

Everyone's favorite belligerent pigeon that is! Yes, the one that wanted to ride the bus, stay up late and found a hot dog. And after a marketing gimmick that kept the nation in suspense (slight exaggeration), it was finally announced on the pigeon's birthday/the day the book was released that the demanding bird now wants a puppy! Yes, a puppy. I called it. Well, my guess was "a pet", but this is close enough.

Willems is one of my favorites, so I love everything he does. Knuffle Bunny is my favorite, but this newest pigeon book is great, too! It's one one-liner after another... find out how the pigeon mistakes puppies and plants. (What, you don't?) How he's wanted one for so long (or since last Tuesday). Or what happens when the pigeon finally comes face to face with one of those furry slobbering canines. On the simplest level, these stories will make kids laugh out loud... okay, so even adults! Adults will get the added humor of just how much this pigeon sounds like one of their children. You don't want me to be happy, do you? Kids will be laughing, parents will be getting the implied humor and maybe, just maybe, kids will learn a lesson. If they can recognize the absurdity of some of the pigeon's arguments, well... it could happen! But above all, just a funny story! I'll definitely be trying to figure out how to use it in a storytime!

I picked up the new Clementine book, Clementine's Letter, by Sara Pennypacker today, too. I can't wait to finish the third in this series about the crazy heir to Ramona Quimby's throne!

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