Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's All About Timing

It's all about the timing. Ask any comic ;) I know from my professional life, too. Timing and delivery in how I read a line in a story can sometimes take it over the top... it can make or break a so-so story.

But that's not the timing I'm really talking about. I've just been struck recently by how perfect God's timing is. Little things, like once again, the timing in reading a book. Something as little as that. I have a ridiculous amount of books on my to-read list (seriously, over 200). So it could seem very random which book I actually choose to read at any given point. There have been times that I've bought a book, all excited to read it, but just don't get into it like I thought (or get sidetracked and never start it) only to pick it up months or even more than a year later (once, I picked up a book two years after I bought it), and it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Today at work, because of scheduling, I ended up working an hour later than I normally do on every other Thursday. That last hour, a four year old I'd had in storytime a few years ago but who hasn't been coming due to preschool conflict came in with her grandmother. I've known the family for three years, and the whole time, her father has been battling cancer. I found out today from grandma that this little happy-go-lucky girl lost her father three days ago. Her grandmother took her to the library to distract her, and the whole way there was telling grandma how she hoped Miss Erin would be there. My heart broke over hearing about her dad, but I was beyond thankful that I could spend a little bit of time with this sweet girl. And I know it was no coincidence that I was there an hour later than usual.

Those are just a few of the ways that God has shown me He is in the details of timing. His timing is perfect. It might not coincide with mine, but how many times have I realized that to have gotten whatever I wanted right then in my own timing would not have been best. And there are a lot of things I'm "waiting" on right now... a lot of unknown variables. So that's another reason these little provisions are sticking out. He's showing me through these "little" gifts is that I can trust Him and His timing. If He cares about the little details, how much more so will He provide in the big ones?


John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

and as I wait for my dad to come off the ventilator and for life to return to normal..the perfect timing of your post helped put things into perspective.

When do the kids need to be signed up for the summer reading program? I don't remember the date, and I am not sure I will even be back-but I can make John come in if he needs to and it is not too late.

thanks and miss you !!!!

Erin said...

Hey Shannon!! I've been praying for you and your family! I don't know what I'm said, but I'm glad God used what He's been teaching me to help you :)

And you didn't miss it yet! The signups go out on the 23rd (a Saturday) at 9am. There WILL be parents waiting outside the doors by 8:45. Camden could technically still come to the drop-bys on Wednesday, but if you want him to be in the going into K-1st grade group, that's on Tuesdays at 10am and it fills up THAT DAY! (No joke!) Broderick's going into 2nd? That would be at 12pm on Tuesday. And there are a bunch of Monday night programs the whole family could come to, and some Saturday ones for the boys, too. Let me know what's up and whether you're back or not and we'll work something out :)

Thinking about you guys and miss you, too!!